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Why Didn't My Home Sell?


There are 4 major factors that contribute to the marketability of a home:

  1. Location
  2. Price
  3. Condition
  4. Marketing

You can't do anything about the location, but price and condition are controlled by all sellers. For the For Sale By Owner seller, marketing is also within their domain. So, if your home isn't selling, look to these factors:

Have you prepared your home for sale? (See "Get Top Dollar for your Home")

Have you priced your home competitively with other similar properties on the market? (See "Free Market Analysis.") It has been my experience that buyers will typically want justification for the price a seller is asking for their home. If there is no realtor involved, it is likely that a buyer will discount your price accordingly.

Have you marketed your property sufficiently so that enough buyers know about your home? How have you marketed your property so that it's special features and desirable aspects are emphasized to attract a buyer?

Just Ten of the Many Reasons to List Your Home with David Barr

  1. Professional marketing skills and more than eight years experience in real estate
  2. Professional market analysis and price recommendation, initially, and on-going as the market changes
  3. Provision of contract forms and forms required by law that apply to your real estate transaction.
  4. Representation and negotiation on your behalf during the contract and post-contract process
  5. Realtor screening of buyers who will view your home and coordination of home viewings
  6. Coordination of home viewings
  7. Multiple Listing Service participation with multiple photo features
  8. RE/MAX International Referral network of home buyers relocating to Cleveland
  9. Coordination of home inspections, both prior to and following the contract
  10. Follow-up and facilitation of each step of the contract to closing process including inspections, appraisals, title work, loan approval, and escrow

Mission Statement

Our Goal is to provide THE BEST service available to all of our clients buying or selling real estate. The mission is more than customer satisfaction; we must make our customers say, "Wow!". The goals of the client will always come first. We will work with unlimited energy, creative marketing strategy, and maximum consideration for the needs of our clients. Working together; we will succeed.

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